The 805 Camera Bus

At a recent performance in Santa Barbara, Downbeat LA had the pleasure of working alongside today's featured vendor, The 805 Camera Bus. Known as being Santa Barbara's only mobile photo booth company, this camera-on-wheels is a converted 1971 VW bus that combines charm, vintage and modern appeal into one epic photo op.

The company has affectionately named the bus "Lola", and claims she loves attending all types of events! You can customize the backdrop to be whatever matches your event's theme, and your photos are available in strips on the spot. The attendants are super helpful and the props provided are a blast! 

Gold Standard singers even had the opportunity to snap some photos between sets at the last event, and we can't wait to visit Santa Barbara again for a performance in hopes that Lola will be in attendance as well!

tempImageForSave (1).jpg

For more information on The 805 Camera Bus, visit their website at

The Bosco

Downbeat LA's band Soultones recently helped celebrate the wedding of Clark and Lara Tesora in Garden Grove, CA. Between dance sets at the reception, we had the opportunity to experience the impressive animated GIF booth setup, The Bosco. Our singers and band members had so much fun with this creative team - as did all of the wedding guests - so we decided to find out more about the company!

This "luxury and high tech social media photo booth" is based in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and is known for creating custom, creative photography installations and experiences for clients. They have an impressive portfolio of previous work, and exploring their website's case studies alone gives you an inside look at the company's grand scale collaborations with global brands and products. Here are some of our favorites: 

To see how these GIFs and experiences are created, take a look at the innovative Bosco Multicam:

To find out more about this awesome company, visit their website:

Pixster Photo Booth

You can never go wrong with having a photo booth at your party. Guests absolutely love the opportunity to capture the night with loved ones and do something crazy. We happen to love Pixster, a photo booth company servicing San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County. 

Having recently been at a wedding with Pixster, we couldn't help but notice how sleek the open-air setup was and how crazy the guests went for the props, ease of use and service, not to mention the photo quality is amazing!

It's no wonder they've earned so many accolades on both a local and national level. Not only do they offer the photo booth, but they also provide video messaging, sharable GIFs, party favors, scrapbooks and slide shows as extensions of their services. 

For more information on Pixster, visit them at their website:

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"Flipbooth takes the idea of a traditional photo booth and flips it on its head!" We've seen this California-based, attention-grabbing set up in action at a private event in San Diego and guests absolutely loved it!

While Flipbooth does offer classic photo booth services and GIF animations, we were really impressed when we saw their Flipbooks! Guests can record a 6-second video that prints instantly into a physical Flipbook keepsake, not to mention they can share the digital version instantly to their social media channels.

Photo booths are always the perfect addition to any wedding or private event, but Flipbooth's Flipbooks take it to the next level! For more information, visit

The Slow Motion Booth

We have had the privilege of performing for so many beautiful weddings, and today's vendor spotlight showcases our new favorite interactive video booth, The Slow Motion Booth

We experienced firsthand just how hilarious and memorable this booth was at a wedding in Malibu with our band The A-List. The videos speak for themselves:

The Slow Motion Booth's set up was very impressive and easy to envision at any venue. Throughout the night, guests had fun choosing from the props that were provided and watching their videos on instant playback. 

For more information on this awesome company, visit


The Booth Bus

Create an exciting experience for your guests and family at your special day by adding a new, modern and hip photo booth! Check out whats "in" in the world of event photo booths and check out one of our favorites, The Booth Bus!

We had the pleasure of seeing The Booth Bus at one of our weddings and we were amazed at how many people gravitated towards their booth! Don't hesitate and check out their website!