Tips for Outdoor Summer Weddings

Summer is approaching, and so are all of the beautiful outdoor weddings you've RSVP'd to (or are in the process of planning). In warmer climates like we have in Southern California, there are some important factors to consider when preparing for outdoor celebrations, which is why Downbeat LA has prepared the Top 3 Survival Tips for Outdoor Summer Weddings: 

1. Stay hydrated!

Brides/Planners: Make sure guests have access to water or pitchers of cool, non-alcoholic drinks for both outdoor ceremonies and receptions. 

Attendees: Bring your own bottle of water just to be safe. It's not tacky, it's smart. 

2. Stay protected!

Brides/Planners: Whether its with sunscreen, fans or sunglasses, it's important to stay protected under the sun. Consider using one of the above as a favor for guests!

Attendees: Make sure to be prepared with a fan or some shades in case they aren't offered to you upon arrival.

3. Wear powder-based makeup and an up-do!

This goes for Brides, Planners AND Attendees: Nobody likes to be the sweaty one in photographs. Ladies, avoid liquid foundation or makeup and don't be afraid to wear your hair up for the big day! Also, oil-absorbing sheets are your best friend on a hot day. Make them available in bathrooms for guests, or keep them handy in a purse or bridal suite. 

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